At 5pm today (Friday Dec/10) a hearing on the subject of ‘expert witnesses’ in the Anthony case was held in Judge Perry’s court room. The defense and prosecution seem to be having a little bit of a tiff over who is going to be involved in the trial, and exactly what data they are going to bring to the table.

I am sure that Judge Perry was not a happy camper being in the court room at 5pm on a Friday, and wielded a large (but very fair) stick to both the defense and prosecution. On a scale of one to ten, the prosecution scored about a three, Baez on the other hard scored about minus several thousand.

The two sides are arguing about wanting to see the others private parts! It is akin to a game that I seem to recall playing at about age 5 in the school yard!

Both the Casey Anthony defense team headed by Jose Baez, and the Florida State prosecution team seem bound and determined to win the case.

What was actually said? Well the prosecution admitted that only about 12 of the twenty expert witnesses had actually written reports that had been passed on to The Casey Anthony defense team. Jose Baez (blood draining from his face) admitted that he was only using 13 expert witnesses, and so far he had shared no reports with the prosecution.

Judge Perry kept his composure, I admire his restraint. He has ordered that all ‘expert’ reports be submitted and shared by December/23. There are two exceptions, but those particular people do not seem to have any real bearing on the case.

I have to send a big Thank You to WESH for streaming the hearing live. But you might want to  rethink the plan about streaming the practice runs from outside.

Simon Barrett

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