Todays hearing on Casey Anthony’s indigent status gave me pause for thought. Particularly about the dream team’s choice of Death Penalty expert Andrea Lyon. Neither her nor Jose Baez thought it important to bring any financial evidence to a hearing about financial aspects.

Even the dumbest contestants on ‘Judge Judy’ know better!

What really caught my attention was when Andrea Lyon agreed to be essentially a witness. This was clearly not planned, and the outcome put her and the rest of the ‘pro bono’ nonsense in a huge pile of doggy do. If one of her lacky’s had done such a thing, I am sure that Ms. Lyon would have become unglued.

To admit in open court that as a ‘professor’ she had recruited 14 of her students to assist, and that this part was part of their class work, and would reflect on the grades they received, had me reaching for the bottle of Tums. I had thought that slavery had been abolished. Yet it is clear that these 14 students have little choice but to work for free.

Andrea Lyon did admit that not only has she received $22,500 from Jose Baez for ‘expenses’ but has also ‘contributed’ a sum close to $50,000 from her ‘Clinic’. When asked what the ‘Clinic does’ Ms. Lyon explains that they help poor people! People that cannot afford proper representation.

This is the biggest piece of ‘doggy doo’ I have heard in a while. $70,000 could indeed do a great deal of good for people that need legal representation and have no ability to pay. To spend this amount of money with “Nothing to gain” on a high profile case makes me want to vomit.

Baez and his dwarfs scored no points today. The one amusing part was that one by one the same question was asked. And one by one they claimed that there was no Book, Movie, or other deal on the line. Who will crack first?

Lyon got a good deal of advertising for her recently published book by doing the rounds on the morning TV news programs.

What bothers me most is the question of what ‘Pro Bono’ really means? I have fixed many computers ‘Pro Bono’. Some ‘Pro Bono’ deals have resulted in a case of beer. Others have involved in dragging me out of a deep ditch when my car hit a really interesting patch of ice. Pro Bono is a great idea. I do something for you, you do something for me, and it does not cost anything.

‘Pro Bono’ has taken on a new meaning in the Caylee Anthony case. Todays excursion into the world of ‘Pro Bono’ shed a great deal of light.

The prosecution had good questions, the defense had nothing to stop the onslaught. In fact they lost a huge amount of ground.

Andrea Lyon is no fool, you can bet a dollar that some idiocy will be coming out from Jose Baez in the next 24 hours. Jose Baez lost a lot of ground today. I doubt that playing in the money trail was the last thing that Andrea Lyon, Jose Baez, or the new ‘talking head’ Cheney Mason had thought.

Simon Barrett

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