This was an older video, but I think it demonstrates quite well the dynamics at work within the Casey Anthony defense.

As with most jokes, there has to be a ‘set up’ phase. I think the photo shows that. Everyone is paying attention to Casey.


The Pillsbury Dough Boy is clearly in on the joke. While laughing he is also trying not to look.


Of course the Pillsbury Dough Boy is having some problems, he is ready to explode into laughter.

The Pillsbury Dough Boy can resist no longer. He wants to giggle along with the rest of the team as Casey Anthony starts to flip someone the bird.


Court decorum however prevents the Pillsbury Dough Boy from witnessing the full finger extension, he looks away again.


As lead defense attorney, Jose Baez has not been an active part in the joke, but even he enjoys it.


Who needs Frye hearings when you have the defense team running Roasts?

Simon Barrett

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