is reporting tonight that a deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has been fired after he lied to investigators about a relationship he had with Casey Anthony.

A memo dated on August 20 obtained by FOX 35 in Orlando had some details of the matter involving Casey Anthony with Deputy Anthony Rusciano. “When investigators contacted Deputy Rusciano by telephone, Deputy Rusciano admitted that he had met the individual for a brief moment at a party they both attended,” wrote Chief Frank Fabrizio. “Deputy Rusciano denied ever having any further contact with that person.”

Rusciano provided inaccurate and incomplete responses after they found out that he and Casey had communicated on her computer. When confronted with this information the deputy admitted to lying. “Lying to investigators is unacceptable and reason for termination,” said Fabrizio.

No dates have been determined for when the party was or when the communication on the computer was. The deputy was fired on August 22. He was a probationary employee that had joined the force in February of 2008.

Casey Anthony has made headline news for weeks now for not reporting her daughter missing for about a month. She told authorities that she was trying to do her own search when her mother called the police to report it. She has told the law enforcement agents lie after lie. Now that it has gotten so deep in the lies no one can believe what she says anymore. She has managed to convince her parents that Caylee was kidnapped, or so they say. Who knows what is said when they are behind closed doors. Casey has appeared to the public as being a spoiled brat that knows just how to control her parents when she wants something. She also knows how to get them to bail her out of trouble when she screws things up. Now it seems she has managed to destroy the career of a deputy in her path of destruction.

The disappearance of her daughter, Caylee Anthony has captured the hearts of people across the nation. We all are still praying that Caylee will be found alive and well. God Bless you Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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