Jose Baez has lost his motion to have Leonard Padilla and his team thrown off the witness list for the prosecution in the murder trial of little Caylee Anthony’s mother. Casey Anthony is being held in the Orlando County jail until her trial while being charged with first degree murder of her 2 year old daughter and the death penalty on the table if she is found guilty.

When Leonard Padilla and his team, which included Tony Padilla, Tracy McLaughlin and Robert Dick, got Casey out of jail on bond they were around her a lot and apparently they heard conversations that Jose Baez would consider to be damaging to their case since he went through all this trouble to try and stop their testimonies from being heard.

Padilla denies he even worked for Baez. He said in fact Baez didn’t want him to work for him. “As far as signing any paperwork to be part of the defense team, I never signed anything like that,” said Padilla. “Jose was very adamant. He did not want any of us working for him.”

Padilla did say that Anthony never confessed anything to him but his employees Tracy was in close company with Anthony and had insight into her mindset. “When the time comes I’m sure Tracy’s going to shed a lot of light on what kind of person Casey is,” he said.

Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland didn’t go along with Baez’s argument that the group was an extension of the defense counsel and covered by the attorney-client privilege. I say finally the judge has made a fair decision in this case.

In another motion the defense had filed for though Judge Strickland ruled in favor for was to allow the defense team access to the records of 32 searchers that searched within a couple of hundred yards of where Caylee’s remains were found. It is expected that the defense will use this to try saying that Caylee’s remains were put in the woods where she was found after Casey was jailed. He is hoping to find volunteers that will say they searched the area and did not see anything.

Tim Miller the head of Texas Equusearch explained before that the area where Caylee was found was underwater in November when his team of volunteers were searching and they did not look in that particular area. Miller has in fact released photos of the area during that time showing the area under water. Also the prosecutions office has testimony from a botanist stating that based on the plant growth in and around the remains found they would have had to be there at least for four months.

Jan Barrett

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