The question had come up a few weeks back about the Pontiac Sunfire that Casey Anthony drove around in and what would happen to it now. There were rumors going around that the car was going to be sold for a hefty price too.


Well I guess since George and Cindy Anthony have been trying to get accepted back in the public eye, they thought that would be a grave mistake if they sold the car for big money. People would probably start harassing them again if they did.

Well surprisingly George Anthony took the Pontiac down to the junk yard, handed them the title and I assume he gave the car to them for nothing. Most junk yards don’t buy their junk. The junk yard took the car and crushed it for scrap metal.

dr-phil.jpgWord is also that CBS’s Dr. Phil scored the first interview with the Anthony’s to be aired in September on his opening show for the season.

“Cindy and George have suffered a horrific loss with the untimely death of their granddaughter Caylee, and they have since endured an unprecedented public attack on their family,” says Dr. Phil. “Despite living under a ‘media microscope’ for years, their story has never really been told and there’s so much more to it than we’ve hear in the media. Throughout this extensive interview, we explore every detail of their ordeal, and they answer every question I know will be on our viewers’ minds. Nothing is off limits during this interview.”

Now the show is claiming they did not pay the Anthony’s for this interview, however they do admit that they have agreed to make a donation to the new charitable organization they are starting supposedly in honor of Caylee.

In a release, the show added: “The couple will derive no income from Caylee’s Fund, which will be a federally sanctioned intending to focus on promoting processes to educate the public about — and advocate for — grandparents’ rights, as well as missing and abused children by maximizing the use of public interactivity to increase efficiency and knowledge.”

OK this is where I start to choke. This is coming from a woman that got on the witness stand in a court of law and clearly lied to throw her daughter’s case out the window, causing reasonable doubt in the jurors head, and we are suppose to trust her? Please, give me a break. Sorry I am not buying it. They will never convince me that they won’t be drawing a salary off this organization. In my opinion, which I am entitled to, is that they are using this organization to get money from the network and who knows who or what else. Were the two of them hooked up to lie detectors while giving this interview? I don’t think anyone should believe them unless they were.

I guess time will tell what happens next with this so called attempt to file an appeal to keep Casey Anthony from having to return to Orlando and serve the probation she should have to do. People keep saying leave Casey alone and move on.

OK yeah she was found “not guilty” (note she wasn’t found ‘innocent’ though) for the murder of her daughter but the ones that keep defending her forget she was found GUILTY in the check fraud case, so why does she need to get out of serving her probation now that she is out. It has nothing to do with the murder case.

caylee-a.jpgA Technical error is no excuse for her to walk free yet, and let’s face it that is all this is. Her idiot attorney knew all along that she was supposed to do the probation ‘upon her release’ and NOT while in jail.

If this was you or me, you can bet your bottom dollar we wouldn’t get away with it, so why should she. She created all this mess so why should the taxpayers protect her now? The whole thing still makes me ill when I think about her walking free right now while her baby girl is no longer with us. It just isn’t fair. Casey Anthony needs to be treated the same way as Caylee Marie was. Caylee is probably looking down and shaking her head in shame and who can blame her.

Jan Barrett

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