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Once again the blood of innocent citizens of Senegal has been spilled on Senegalese soil by Casamance seperatists. The latest victim is Late Oumar Lamine Badji(President du conseil regional de Ziguanchor),a local authority and representative of the ruling party of Senegal PDS. The killing of Badji at the end of the year when both the Tabaski(Muslim feast) and the New Year celebrations coincided  does not represent the feelings of those who thought that lasting peace is within the horizon. What a disappointment before progress! This certainly means peace is far away from the shores of Casamance. This is a merciless act emanating from individuals being called barbarians by those who oppose the Casamance war. Although the latter is not an isolated one it can be considered as one of the worst and most damaging for a country like Senegal. A country where tourism and stability are part of the  huge wheeels rolling towards social development.

Of course this prompted President Wade to immediately ignore the fire works and joy in Dakar during a weekend of fesitivities marking the beginning of a new year and bidding farewel to a previous one. He flew directly to meet the Badji family with a high ranking delegation,including one of Casamance’s powerful citizens Robert Sagna. Sagna is a current Presidential candidate in Senegal. Sagna and Djibo Leity Ka(minister of Interior) were part of delegation. Both men mean a lot to the Senegalese political force within and without. Both men also served under former President Adbou Diouf,therefore are seasoned performers who cannot dispute the fact that Casamance is a BIG PROBLEM for Dakar’s seat of power.
During his message of condolence to the Badji family while inspecting the charred remains of the deceased’s house and property,Wade did not stop at the usual rituals. The elderly President of Senegal shed tears. He was also  furious. Wade therefore started by offering a huge ransom to any person who helps the authorities in capturing the perpetrators of thie heinours crime. The President offered to compensate anyone in view of the latter,the sum of 50 Million CFA Francs, a passport,a visa to any country chosen by the person in question.
President Wade further warned the perpetrators that he will leave no stone unturned while searching for the cause,intensions,plans,source(s) or unreasonable philosophy behind this act of senseless killing. President Wade was seen on satelite TV listening attentively to the complaints coming from eye witnesses,a member of parliament of the area and members of Badji’s family. Members of the presidential delegation could not stop their tears from rolling down as and when the story was being narated. It was a somber mood where innocent lives have been subjected to endless fear and horror. These poor citizens of Senegal stood near their President asking for both natural and artificial protection from the these killers. These rebels are like any other terrorist organization being fueled by invissible structures. Some of their feeders according to sources on the ground are heads of state in neighbouring countries.
The Casamamce conflict is one out of many in Africa. It is also one of the oldest while traversing decades of senseless killings and endless atrocities. Where brother is killing brother and sister is killing sister. What a pity for Africa!
The world has to step in and realise the plight of the Senegalese people therefore help them stop the war by going all out thus uproot the sources funding these mad killers.
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