News Item:
French court considers
Mohammed cartoon lawsuit

Court is in session… all rise.

The Union of Islamic Organizations in France is sueing a satire publication called Charlie Hebdo, for printing those Mohammed cartoons that showed up all over the internet a year ago, and had Muslims rioting in the streets.  The cartoons were first published in a Danish newspaper, if you’ll recall.  Charlie Hebdo, for the most part,  just reported on the story, but then had the audacity to print a cartoon of their own.

There were two Danish cartoons that got things fired up.  The most widely circulated, and the one you’ve probably seen, depicted Mohammed with a bomb for a turban.  The second, which reportedly was the more inflammatory of the two, is pictured below.

Seriously now, take a good look at that.  There’s nothing there that denigrates Islam as a whole.  It does however take a whack at the misquided morons who think blowing themselves up will get you into heaven, that is, if you take some non-believers with you.  Note, the Koran doesn’t suggest that at all, it’s a radical myth, just an excuse to make the fanatics feel good.  That’s if you can feel good while scattering your innards around like yesterdays sausage.

We here wouldn’t think of posting anything inflammatory.  Your thoughts and opinions are your own.  How you react to the world that exists on the outside, is completely up to you.  Sid, on the other hand, has his own take on things, and has his right to freedom of expression as well.

Now before we get emails that we’re picking on Muslims, that’s just not the case.  If you see this as a rant on over-reacting zealots, then you’ve broken the code.  Case in point… One of the first blogs to ever link to Sid in the City, linked in a big way.  Not just a text link, or the button that we provide, but a screen capture of the top of the whole page.  I exchanged emails with the author for a while, but then did something bad.  We posted a story about a New York schmuck that robbed a church on Christmas morning.

The cartoon that accompanied the post showed the offender being hung on a cross for his sin.  In Sid’s mind, the punishment fit the crime, but the owner of the afore-mentioned blog happened to be a devout Christian, and dropped our link the very next day.  We assume he saw the cartoon as poking fun at a religious symbol, instead of the historically accurate portrayal of Roman justice that it was.  I say assume, because we never heard from him again.  Such is life, that’s just the way it goes.

CNS News — About Charlie Hebdo

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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