In a move that is designed to cause the “separation of Church and State” worry warts to yawn — because such people don’t mind it when leftists mix Church and State — Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have joined together to promote what is amusingly being called a “moderate” Baptist organization to rival the Southern Baptist Council. (Carter, Clinton Build Coalition To Attract Moderate Baptists)

It is also being called “non-partisan”… yet they take pains to say that the SBC is getting too “conservative”. And with super partisans Clinton and Carter involved in the kick off, how can it be anything other than “partisan”?

Naturally it is Jimmy Carter’s idea with Clinton signing on for the photo op. Here is how the Tampa Tribune describes Carter’s “moderate” idea:

The new coalition, which is Carter’s brainchild, would give moderate Baptists a stronger collective voice and could provide Democrats greater entree into the Baptist community. But Carter and other organizers are trying to walk a fine line, insisting that the alliance is not directly political while touting its potential to recast the role of religion in the public square.

It’s quite hard to believe that it isn’t political, isn’t it?

Carter goes on to talk of his separating the Baptists by insisting he is against separating the Baptists.

“We hope … to emphasize the common commitments that bind us together rather than to concentrate on the divisive issues that separate us,” Carter said. “There’s too much of an image in the Baptist world, and among non-Christians, that the main, permeating characteristic of Christian groups is animosity toward one another and an absence of ability to cooperate in a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.”

And imagine all this is happening when?

Why, it’s just previous to the 2008 presidential election!


As I alluded to above, I bet we won’t hear a peep from those all balled up with fear over the supposed commingling of Church and State when they see it connected to conservative politics. Since it is the god-like Clinton and the so-called statesman, Carter, behind this effort they will probably have an amazing lack of interest in this effort of the two ex-POTUSes to guide Baptists to a new come to Jesus… if Jesus was a 2008 Democratic candidate for president.

How would Jesus spell hypocrite, one wonders?

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