Blogging from Phoenix — Seems the dethroned Miss California and self promoting role model for conservative family values was evidently the Queen of cell phone porn, with as many as eight sex tapes and some 30 naked photos to her credit according to the online site

Carrie reportedly performs solo on each recording and contrary to prior reports, she was well into her early twenties and not a teenager as she insisted, in fact it may turn out the child porn claim was a ruse on her part to scare potential buyers from snapping up the adult material and posting it for all to see. Which is where the criminality comes into play. Some of the new nude photographs that have been obtained appear as though Prejean took pictures of own reflection in a mirror, alternately topless and completely naked. It looks like the spokeswoman for family values and virtue commented a wee bit too soon when she called her recent sex tape the “biggest mistake” of her life. Failing to disclose she made multiple sex videos may simply rank as hypocrisy.

Attempting to talk people into conspiring to purport you are only seventeen and the tape child porn is actually a criminal offense,  A few years ago really conservative folks got laws passed, Laws designed to specifically make pretending to be under age on “adult videos” a crime. The adult film industry at that time made a fortune on producing sex tapes featuring young looking actors who were of age but role played as cheerleaders and high school girls gone wild.

So Carrie’s reputed attempt to stifle the tapes by attempting to have the original recipient join her in a conspiracy to claim she was under age and stop sites from posting them may bite her in the butt so to speak.  For those who dismiss out of hand the possibility law enforcement will pursue Miss Prejean.

I draw your attention to the once popular comic Bobcat Goldthwait who set a chair on fire on Jay Leno a few years back, everyone laughed, no arson really occurred, but the law was the law. Some persnickety individual made a complaint and poor Mr. Goldthwait was fined a couple grand and placed on probation, So Carrie had better hope none of the gay people she slanders take it on themselves to file a complaint, because like old Bobcat, the police would have no choice but to investigate. Miss Prejean evidently missed the tale in bible school about spinning tangled webs when she was learning about the financial profit to be had in the condemnation of others.

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