Blogging From Phoenix — Sadly it has been confirmed, rumors family values spokeswoman Carrie Prejean dropped her multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Miss California pageant because she in fact did make an X-rated teen pornographic movie which can be seen here.

On Sean Hannity today, the young woman, a rising star in the conservative movement confessed to Sean she had indeed sinned. Miss Prejean who was enthusiastically embraced by the rank and file as a role model of virtue and chastity, admitted to participation in the making of what may under law constitute child pornography, if she was under the age of eighteen when the film was made. She has not disclosed how old she was when she made the movie, save to say she was a teenager.

As conservatives attempt to regain political respectability, this latest revelation of moral perfidy by a prominent proponent of family values will be seen as a serious setback. What may harm the movement to promote family values even more than the initial exposure, the decision by Miss Prejean to continue promoting her book and herself as a role model of evangelical morality, virtue and family values. Like disgraced South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, rather than withdraw from public life, she seems to be attempting to mold herself as more worthy of preaching to others, precisely because of her unrepentant past behavior.

 Governor Sanford who claimed in an Op-ed that God wanted him to commit adultery, so he could be a more moral and ethical leader, defines the modern definition of political and spiritual hypocrite. Miss Prejean by attempting to cast herself in the role of victim and somehow all the wiser for having played the role of whore on camera, is hardly the kind of role model teenage girls facing pressure over sex should look to for inspiration. Mistakes in youth are just that and should never become a topic for aspersion, unless of course you attempt to make a living by presenting yourself as a leader and role model for others to follow.

Miss Prejean came preaching morality as the strength that kept her in a state of purity as a teenager, when in fact she behaved like a common slut. Unfortunately conservatives leaders seem content to turn a blind eye to the hypocrisy and blatant racism that permeates the public face of the GOP and the number of American’s who identify themselves as republican continues to nose dive.

Unless and until change comes from the bottom up in the republican tent, democrats will continue to dominate the political discourse of the Republic and republicans will be seen as the party of hypocrites.              

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