Carnegie Director Ethel Whitty declined an invitation by CBC’s ‘Early
Edition’ to be interviewed on Jan. 1 along with William “Bill” Simpson,
the homeless man barred from Carnegie Board meetings two weeks after
being elected to the Board. But Whitty turned up on the show the next
morning. Dag, a Vancouver blogger, commented on the DTES Enquirer that
Whitty conveniently waited until Bill Simpson and another Board member,
Rachel Davis, were not in the CBC studio to “contradict” her.

When interviewed this morning, Whitty told a very different story than
Simpson and Davis had told yesterday. Witty claimed that Simpson had
been barred from Carnegie because an employee had laid a WorkSafe (formerly called “Workers Compensation”) complaint against him.

But Whitty’s story doesn’t hold up.

There had been no mention whatsoever of a WorkSafe complaint in the official
letter that Whitty delivered to Simpson notifying him that he was
barred from Carnegie. The reason given in the June 2007 letter on City
of Vancouver stationery was that Simpson operated a website which
“features links” to the Downtown Eastside Enquirer blog.

Carnegie Board member, Rachel Davis, phoned WorkSafe to get the “real story”. She spoke to WorkSafe representative, Gordon Harkness.  “Mr.Harkness told me that there has been no assessment by WorkSafe of William Simpson whatsoever.” 
Read the full story at Downtown Eastside Enquirer 

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