Carlos Mencia Performance Enhanced

Have to hand it to him, Carlos Mencia is absolutely dynamic on a big stage, and in front of a sell-out audience jam-packing what looks to be a theater venue the size of a football stadium. The man never stopped moving; he appears to be almost as much a physical comedian as he is a verbal one. And also, almost refreshingly – an equal opportunity offender when it comes to skewering political and racial sacred cows. Besides being cheerfully and profanely blunt, Mencia can be relied upon to be absolutely even-handed; a refreshing quality these days, when you can often foretell a comic’s take on matters social and political even before they open their mouth. He skewers Hispanic ethnic foibles as enthusiastically as he does any other – his comment on quinceaneras and teenage pregnancy was particularly apt, if profane.

This style endears Mencia to the military, especially to the Marines. I had heard of Mencia through my daughter, ages before I ever saw him on cable. She told me that many of her Marine buddies had memorized and would recite his most famous riffs. He has gone and entertained the troops in Iraq, becoming a sort of Bob Hope for this generation of military. Some of the best material on this DVD included accounts of his latest trip there – including a hilarious account of how his father had paid a prank by packing bac-o-bits in his luggage… which actually turned out to be turkey bac-o-bits after all.

The more amusing of the extras was a short segment taken from an episode of MTV’s ‘Cribs’, in which his personal domicile was revealed call considerably short of the fantastically high degree of interior decorating bad taste usually displayed in that show. His place looked actually rather comfortable – spare, but comfortable, although the back yard was amazingly small, for such a large house.

Carlos Mencia * Performance Enhanced is available October 28th, through Amazon and other retail outlets.

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