Most of the news is full of evil, horror, and trivia: bombs, disasters, crime, and the latest Hollywood bimbo epruption.

No wonder foreigners have such a dim view of Americans.

But today’s CDC report shows a different picture:

Approximately 53.4 million caregivers in the United States provide an estimated $257–$389 billion worth of unpaid care annually to persons of all ages with disabilities and chronic illness….caregivers provided an average of 20.1 hours of care per week, and 72.2% of caregivers lived in the same household as (24.9%) or within 20 minutes of (47.3%) the care recipient…

Yes, almost 55 million of our friends, neighbors and relatives (and maybe even we ourselves) go out of our way to sacrifice time and energy to care for the elderly, handicapped, and chronically ill in our midst.

And this data does not include those caring for children.

Caretakers are young, and old. White, and Black and Hispanic and Asian and Native American and “others”. They are spouses, siblings, children and parents.

The ability of the handicapped and elderly to stay at home outside of institutions depends on enabling these caretakers, by both government (home health care paid for by Medicare) and non government institutions. (many churches have visitors, or traditionally encourage neighborly care of the elderly in their midst.

Somthing to think about.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

Something to celebrate.

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