A caretaker has received a payout from the local council in the area after he was found to been exposed to over one hundred times the safe level of asbestos while working at a local school. The UK man has received a payout of twenty thousand pounds, equating to around thirty eight thousand dollars, from the council for the area.

The case was brought against the North Tyneside Council by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, and the asbestos exposure is said to have occurred at Wallsend Jubilee School. The council was found guilty of five breaches of asbestos related regulations. However, since the incident it claims to have spent over half a million pounds (around eight hundred and eighty thousand dollars) on reviewing health and safety.

One Health and Safety official said: “The school caretaker swept the school boiler house on two separate occasions on March 13 and March 20 2006, unaware that it was contaminated with asbestos. In fact, there were 10 fibres per millimetre, which is 100 times the permitted level. The boiler house had been quarantined, and although the previous caretaker and headteacher were aware of the contamination, the replacement staff were not informed.”

A council official said: “As a council we recognise our responsibility to meet the highest possible health and safety standards to protect our staff and public. We have worked closely with the support of the Health and Safety Executive in the two years since this incident to implement a robust management approach.”

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