Want to play a game but busy doing other things? Do you like fantasy battles and kiting yer warrior out to slay all asunder? Do you wax nostalgic about Diablo II but not have time to play it any more. Well Duels is the answer and from the looks of the crushing their server took on launch its the answer for a lots of others as well.

Duels is the logically development of a concept that started with play by mail, moved onto play by email and now is play by browser. This game is not turned based per se but you settle up the battles before they happen and sit back to watch ala gladiators. You don’t actually even have to watch; being able to set up a bunch of matches and then heading off to do what you really need to. You return to find out how you are doing, purchase new equipment, level up and the rest of it.

The game is a very simple version of the one-character RPG, but the beauty is in its simplicity. You can be a stats whore and play with equipment combinations to maximise the different sets depending on who you are battling. Or you can just have a couple of sets and change them when things go really tits up.

Oh yes, one thing I failed to add. Its free, yes thats free, no catch. You can play to yer hearts content for nothing. Just don’t complain too hard when things go a bit awry technically ok? Of course, you can if you wish donate to the cause and earn yerself a few minor perks. I have done so and none of it is game killing for everyone else.

Pining for a bit of battle but got a real life? Well Duels is the browser game for you.

PS: I am Lagwolf in the game.

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