The Catholic church has been mired in sexual abuse stories for what seems to have been forever. For the first time (I think), the abuse allegations now directly involve the Vatican.

The National Catholic Reporter has an alarming article, you can read it here.

Australian police announced Thursday they are pursuing charges against Cardinal George Pell over allegations of historic sexual abuse against minors, bringing the decades-long clergy sexual abuse crisis directly to the Vatican for the first time and placing pressure on Pope Francis to oust one of his closest advisors.

I am probably being naïve, I thought the Catholic Priest problem was unique to the US, and probably limited to a very small geographic area, a storm in a tea cup? Alas it has proved to be wide ranging.

Life is always surprising, I just happen to be reading a book on the subject. I asked the author, Mark Bello to comment:

“A person should be viewed as innocent until proven guilty and Cardinal Pell is entitled to due process.  However, I have heard steadfast denials and victim shaming many time before in these types of cases and experience causes me to pause.  His “relentless character assassination” comment is all too familiar.  He faces multiple counts of sexual assault offenses, meaning there may be multiple victims and/or multiple episodes of abuse of the same victim.  “Zero tolerance” rings hollow with me; prepare for a massive media and/or legal assault on the victims.” 

I found Mark Bello’s comments interesting. Sure we have moved on from the ‘Spanish Inquisition’, and the last time I checked burning witches at the stake was frowned upon in most states. Cardinal Pell will discover his future on July 18. Clearly I hit a nerve, he just published this article.

Simon Barrett

Mark Bello is the author of two novels about our justice system, Betrayal of Faith, currently available in all on-line bookstores and Betrayal of Justice, which is scheduled for release in late summer/early fall.  He has also authored two children’s safety books.  Mark was born in Detroit, Michigan, has been a Michigan attorney for 40 years and is the CEO/General Counsel of Lawsuit Financial, one of the nation’s leading lawsuit funding companies.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Oakland University in Rochester, MI and his law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, MI. Mark and his spouse, Tobye, have four children and 8 grandchildren.


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