luis-martinez.jpgOn November 28th, 2009 I reported about a missing 2 year old, Luis Martinez from Valrico Florida. His parents Juan Martinez and Rosalina Martinez had reported him missing around 3:00 that afternoon. Luis was last seen playing at one of their neighbor’s home.

Hundreds of volunteers showed up to help with the search and the Sheriff’s deputies used dogs, horses and helicopters to help in this search. Unfortunately Luis was found inside an opened septic tank in the neighbor’s yard. He apparently was running around in the yard when he fell through the 11 inch opening of the septic tank. It appeared to be fairly hidden with sand and grass that was covering it up making it hard for anyone to notice. The Sheriff said the takeout plug probably had been missing for years.

The sad thing is that according to Sheriff David Gee, “People are telling us that somebody had seen this hole about a month ago when the septic tank was overflowing at that point and that it was not taken care of at that time.”

Poor little Luis Martinez lost his life because no one bothered to take care of the problem with the septic tank, leaving the cover off of it.

Now one year later in memory of this precious child, a Candle Memorial service is planned and they would like to get the word out so anyone that would care to join them would be able to. If you can’t attend the service why not just light a candle for him no matter where you are and say a prayer for Luis Martinez. Here is the notice I received announcing the service from Tony Abramson:

Candle Light Memorial Service

Sunday, November 28, 2010 • 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Location Valrico

Silver Lake Rd

Valrico, FL

Created By: the person hosting the event is Anthony
Abramson and my wife Arlene

In Memory Of 2 year old Luis Martinez

More Info: This is a event I am creating in memory of a 2 year old boy who was killed by falling in a septic tank near his home. He went missing on Nov. 27, 2009 and was found on that Sat. Nov.28, 2009. So this year for the 1 year anniversary of little Luis is death I am doing a candle little memorial service. You may bring a candle or we will have one for you. I will have the mom and dad out there as I have become very close with them. Even if you can’t make it please light a candle in his memory     ty

In God We Trust

I am asking that everyone light this candle in memory of not only Luis but for all the children that have lost their lives and for those that are still missing like, Haleigh Cummings and Adji Desir as well. They all deserve to be remembered. No child should ever be forgotten. My prayers are with all of them.

Jan Barrett

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