An eight week support program for cancer patients is being run at a medical center, with the focus being on daling with the emotional problems of cancer patients and helping them to cope and learn to live their lives after being diagnosed with terminal cancers such as mesothelioma.

The eight week program is being run at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Medical Center, and has been developed by one of the center’s psychiatrists, William Breitbart, MD. He has been involved in looking after the emotional needs and well being of cancer patients at the center for over ten years.

The purpose of the program is to try and support those that have been diagnosed with cancer and help them to get the most out of live between their diagnosis and death. The branch of psychiatry is known as psycho-oncology, and focuses on the emotional needs of the patient.

Each of the session in the program will be focusing on a different issue, and the sessions will aim to help patients identify with changes in their condition as well as to find the most meaningful aspects of their lives and try to focus on their ambitions rather than on their illness.

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