Hello. I recently started a home business and I just thought that I would share a startling fact that I found out because I believe that all parents, well, actually everyone for that matter deserves to know this. I have reearched several sites to make sure that the information that I am giving you guys is correct. Did you know that the leading brand of baby shampoo, Johnson and Johnson contains a preservative that releases formaldhyde? This preservative is called Quaternium-15. The company uses it to prolong the shelf life of its products. The really terrible thing, though is that this is not the only product that contains this chemical and there are many other names and many other preservatives also that release formaldhyde. In case you are wondering what formaldhyde is, it is the chemical that is most commonly found in ciggarrettes and embalming fluid. It is a known carcinogen by the American Cancer Society. Hereis one of the sites that I found that has the information about Quaternium-15 and to verify that it is actually in the shampoo, pick up a bottle and look for yourself.


I hope that someone sees this posting and chooses to make a change in their life. Maybe if enough people decided not to buy their products, they would question why and change their ingredients to less harmful chemicals. I don’t want to advertise on here but those interested in healthier alternatives may conatct me at silva_jamie06@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time.

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