I would like to warn Canara Bank that I am noticing a new Phishing attack on Canara Bank customers today. While Phishing cases in ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, PNB ,SBI BOI, and Axis Bank have been reported earlier this appears to be a new addition to the list of Banks.

I would like Canara Bank to take immediate steps to mitigate the risks arising out of the attack. If not we can expect  several instances of phishing tonight.

I have warned one of the AGMs of the Bank through e-mail. However since the e-mail addresses of  the Chairman or GM Information Security were not available on the website, I have not been able to alert them.

I hope this post will reach them.

The means to mitigate the risks should be initiated immediately since tomorrow may be too late.

In case any unfortunate incidents do take place, it is likely that Canara Bank may join the long list of Banks on whom I would have been responsible for raising damage claims on behalf of the customers. Since I consider Canara Bank as one of my favourite Banks, I would feel sorry of such an occassion arises.

I hope such a situation would not arise.

Naavi of Naavi.org

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