You can if you sign the “I had an abortion” petition for Ms. Magazine.

When I read about the petition, the report said that most of the women were not “famous names,” with the exception of “Ms. founder Gloria Steinem, comedian Carol Leifer, and actresses Kathy Najimy and Amy Brenneman.”

 OK, I know who Gloria Steinem is, but all the other so-called “celebrities” I had to look up, and they still didn’t seem famous or familiar. In fact, signing this petition appears–in the instance of all three of these women–to be some sad attempt to get publicity for careers which really haven’t taken off. When their biography is written, their claim to fame will be some faded, flickering stardom which didn’t really burst into flames and, oh yeah, they were known for getting an abortion and signing a petition about it in Ms. magazine.





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