If you’ve ever felt the need to take a trip back to 1970s New York, although I honestly wouldn’t know why you would, come on down (up?) to Berlin some time. Not having much other industry to turn their attention to these days it seems, street-wise street folks do tons of their own kind of industrial design on city walls here each and every day instead. They call this design “Graffiti” here (Germans capitalize their nouns, you see).

Some even call it Art. One guy I knows even calls it Fred. Ha, ha, just kidding. Yes, Berlin is probably the most “tagged” or “bombed” city in Europe, and we’re not just talking B-17s here anymore, either. And that’s a wonderful thing, I suppose, because it wasn’t all that order propecia online australia long ago that it used to be called vandalism, too. But that’s like just so totally negative, man. Graffiti with a capital G is actually “celebrated as street art and even regarded as an integral component of Berliner Strassenkultur (street culture)”, you see, although I haven’t met anyone here yet who is doing any celebrating about it. But, then again, I’m old and gray and in the way.

And speaking of capitalization… Now that the Japanese have surrendered (another veiled reference to “bombed” again, although those weren’t B-17s) and the Sony Center has been taken over be evil American locust types, just think of all that Fläche (area) available to spray up with industrial design downtown (uptown?) now.

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