Two New Orleans area cops (Jefferson Parish) are looking for new careers. In what has to be the silliest story I have read this week, the Times Picayune is reporting that 45 year old Clyde Clarke and 24 year old Desmond Ferguson are no longer on the payroll. In fact I doubt even the dubious Blackwater group would want these two jokers.

Apparently last Saturday, Clarke and Ferguson who were in separate squad cars met up when they stopped a woman and her boyfriend on Ames Boulevard. During the traffic stop, the deputies determined that both were wanted on other traffic violations, but arrested only the (as yet) unidentified man.

Our hero, Clyde Clarke as part of the traffic stop managed to obtain the young ladies telephone number, and address. After slinging the boyfriend in the slammer, he called her, and told her to meet him outside of her house.

When Clarke met the woman, he made her move into a dimly lit area and then demanded that she raise her skirt! Not satisfied, he told the young woman that next time he called she should not be wearing any underwear.

Some time later, our hero Clarke called Ferguson and told him to come to the woman’s home. Clarke again called the woman. When Ferguson realized what was going on, he told Clarke he did not want to be involved and walked away. Apparently though, Clarke got his wish, and the young lady complied with the no underwear by-law.

Of course the young lady was somewhat upset by this treatment and filed a complaint. Mr Clarke is now under a criminal investigation, and Mr Ferguson is looking for gainful employment having been fired for not reporting his buddies bad behavior. It doesn’t matter how you slice and dice it, these guys are going to have a real problem with explaining this incident on their resumes!

Simon Barrett


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