His name is “The Green Monkey” and John Magnier of Coolmore Racing paid just that 16 million at an auction of unraced 2 year old horses.

Yeah, you read that right.  He had never been raced.  The bloodlines of this throughbred were so nice on paper that his value was such without even having to step onto the tracks.  They had dreams of him winning the Derby and going on to the Triple Crown, those dreams have long been dropped though as this expensive horse will not even be trotting along on the at Churchill Downs this year.

 Apparently he was being exercised while workers were putting up the tents for the 2006 Derby.  This spooked the horse while throwing the rider to the ground.  There is some debate over what happened with the horse that day and whether or not he hit the ground with some witnesses claiming he hit his neck on the ground.

So this horse that was $12 million dollars more than the any other Derby winning horse will not even get a chance to spread his legs that day.  (2000 Derby winner Fusaichi Pergasus was bought at auction for $4 million) He will be New York chewing his cud.

The full story available at Yahoo!



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