I was doing some internet research the other day and ended up being directed to an older ex-Hollywood writer of some acclaim, a chap named John Boni. He writes a modest blog, likely visited by very few people, and it leans Conservative on several issues he writes about. As often happens, the article I had intended to write suddenly became far less interesting after seeing something far more intriguing on Mr. Boni’s blog.

My article changed from being about something comical to something very, very sad and even a little bit frightening. What caught my attention was this post Mr. Boni made on some “twerp” named Arthur. Now I don’t know who the Hell Arthur is, but if the photo on the page is him, he is one ugly MoFo. Beyond that, however, his behavior comes off as really odd.

If you read the blog post, you’ll notice that Arthur left the writer’s website where he was arguing with Mr. Boni and started harassing Mr. Boni on his own blog, Mr. Boni deleted his comments, Arthur yelped and whined and…well… you read the blog post so you can understand that Arthur’s behavior is just plain twisted.

I became depressed for a little while. I felt bad for Arthur. From what Mr. Boni seemed to say, this Arthur fellow had such a pathetic life that he spent his time running from blog to blog writing nonsense and pestering people. Mr. Boni’s blog says Arthur had posted over ten thousand times on the writer’s blog. Holy Cow! How can anyone spend so much time doing something as pointless as posting that much on a blog? It’s one thing to post daily. There are plenty of those people out there who have awesome things to say, along with an original voice (pay a visit to Dorothy Snarker over at dorothysurrenders.blogspot.com), that makes it a pleasant, entertaining and insightful read. But for anyone to spend that much time on the computer, apparently posting little of value…it made me sad for Arthur.

I suppose Arthur may truly be mentally damaged. If so, that’s just plain unfortunate. But if he isn’t, then this young fellow needs a serious wake up call. Apparently, he can’t get a woman (which shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially if he’s always at his computer). He must not have a job. Even worse, he appears to lack a life.

Life! So precious! Every second! And in such short supply for some! I lost a cousin just last week at the age of 60. It devastated the whole family. And here’s Arthur, wasting the greatest of God’s gifts by attacking a man on an anonymous blog in the coldest and deepest reaches of cyberspace.

Wake up, Arthur!

Technology has brought many wonderful things into our lives. Computers can facilitate communication, but they can also isolate us. When I hear stories like Arthur’s, I realize that somebody needs to create a Department of Loser Deprogramming. The specialists would swoop in, remove all computers from the Loser’s home, and snap a shock collar onto the Loser’s genitalia that delivers a forceful zap anytime he touches anything with an Intel processor. At least it would give Arthur something to boast about, that something was giving him pleasure, because as it is, it sounds like he has none in his life.

So, yes, I guess a cyberstalker can be sad. Other cyberstalkers might at least strive to be remembered by taking their own life in a dramatic fashion, or murdering someone in cold blood. Others, like Arthur, are just making asses of themselves. They lack insight. They lack self-awareness. They seem to demand that others pay attention to them.

The best way to do that would be to make an imprint on the world, and put the computer in the trash.

But he won’t, and therefore will forever remain Arthur, The Sad Cyberstalker.

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