An asbestos campaigner in Australia has expressed his concern after it was found that the government has failed to identify asbestos in its own office buildings, thus breaking the law. Robert Vojakovic is the president of the Asbestos Diseases Society, and stated that he was very surprised that this situation had occurred.

It was recently revealed by the auditor general that five government agencies did not have completed asbestos registers, and that several agencies – the WA police, Planning Commission and Fire and Emergency Services Authority – had no asbestos register at all. All agencies should have had a register in place by 2005.

Vojakovic expressed his disappointment at the situation, stating: “You can’t say much more really than being very, very disappointed with an attitude of that nature by government and indeed people who don’t care what environment they work in.”

He added: “Even people who work in those buildings should have some responsibility. Surely they should pressure government to do it. It’s an intelligent workforce now. It’s not like the days when migrant workers like myself worked at Wittenoom being ignorant of the issues.”

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