By Honey Gillard 

There’s Something About Mary? 

Well there’s something bout Cameron Diaz anyways. 

The 34-year-old beauty recently opened up to ‘OK! Magazine’. During the interview Cam talked her maternal instincts (though she doesn’t have any kids) and her love of kids. Below is a lil excerpt: 

On her maternal instincts: I think we all have that maternal ability. I’m a mother now; it’s a nurturing nature that we all have. I definitely don’t want to have children right now. This schedule is killing me. I mean, where am I going to fit a baby in between interviews? [laughs] 

When she becomes a mom, Cameron will treat her child like a ‘human being.’ I always say I’m terrible with kids, but I think I’m pretty good with [them]. I love kids. They’re great. I don’t treat kids like kids because I was never treated like a kid. I treat kids like human beings because that’s how I was treated. Some kids get it and some kids don’t. 

Well that’s a first – a quite wise first I might add. 

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