It is hard to believe that it has been a year since Caylee Anthony was last seen. One long and frustrating year. Blogger News has been following this case from the day that the news broke, a two year old toddler was missing, presumed abducted.

Little by little the truth started to come out, at first it was innuendo concerning the fitness of mother Casey Anthony. Then innuendo turned to incredulity, when it was revealed that the child had not been reported missing for 31 days! What mother in her right mind would take this action? The weeks turned into months, increasingly the focus was on the tots mother. Casey Anthony was not short on stories, the problem was that none of the stories contained much truth. Eventually the police did charge her and it was off to jail. But even that was not without drama, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla stepped up and posted the $500,000 bond, she was once more on the streets. It did not last though, and it was not long before she found herself once more behind bars.

The sad news of Caylee’s remains being found came in November, a skeleton with duct tape over the mouth was found inside some trash bags. I think it is fair to say that that day the whole county, maybe the whole of the western world grieved.

To mark the one year disappearance a vigil will be held in J Blanchard Park today at 6pm. While it is unclear how many will attend, I suspect it will be a large number. The event in part is being presided over by Pastor Richard Grund. Richard is the father of Jessie Grund who at one time was engaged to Casey Anthony, and increasingly seems to have become a target of an off the wall Anthony defense strategy. Based on the ‘fishing expeditions’ by Baez and the seven legal dwarfs it appears that if they can’t make the Zanny the Nanny did it defense stick, they plan on somehow implicating Jessie Grund.

This evenings celebration of a young life lost will include the release of balloons and butterflies. As Richard Grund remarked, Calyee was my little butterfly, it is a way to honor her memory.

Richard also took part in an internet radio program last night. I was slightly surprised, for the most part he has been somewhat reticent about going on record because of his son, based on my conversations with him I do know that he has plenty to say, and I am sure that at some point it will all come spilling out. I was also surprised by the radio show itself, and I do want to give kudos to the host Scotti Simpson. Scotti is a 19 year old student at the Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville AL. He did a great job. I will bet we have not heard the last of this young man in the broadcasting world. You can listen to the entire show here.

(note to Scotti, BNN is always looking for new writers)

Also appearing on the show was Lois Peter, the lady who was chased around late at night by George and Cindy Anthony, and the infamous Milstead’s of Kidfinder fame. Unfortunately the Orlando Police Department has opted out of pressing charges against the Anthony’s. Jan and I spent a good deal of time on the phone with the women that were being chased and we feel that the police are making an error in not persuing this matter.

All of us at BNN send our prayers to Caylee, alas we cannot be there this evening, but we will be joining the vigil in spirit. If you can make this event, please do go.

I know that there is not much love lost between the Grund’s and the Anthony’s so I doubt that the Anthony’s will be in attendance. However we do have information that in order to prevent any kind of disruption to the gathering there will be some security personnel in attendance, including The Guardian Angels.

Simon Barrett

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