There are calls for a new school to be built to replace an old one because of ongoing asbestos problems, which many teachers and officials are concerned are simply being added to every year. The issues have been highlighted at Carver High School in Columbus, Georgia.

Whilst some are calling for the school to be demolished and a new one to be built school authorities have said that this will cost tens of millions of dollars, and this is something that the budget simply cannot stretch to. Asbestos is thought to be in the ceilings of many areas of the school, and constant repairs at the school could heighten the risk of disturbing the asbestos.

A public meeting was also held recently to discuss the issues relating to asbestos and repairs at the school, and many expressed concern that the problems relating to Carver had been neglected for too long and needed to be addressed.

One person at the meeting said: “Carver High didn’t just come up with these problems yesterday.” However, the superintendent of the school said: “You’re right, it did not get in that shape overnight. It’s been added onto and added onto. Some of it is the age of different pieces. Some of it is deferred maintenance.”

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