Last week I published an article on payday loans, and the opposition to them coming from Chris Morran, a deputy editor at the Consumerist.  I also made sure to copy him on the article so he’d see it.

No reply.

I am not surprised, but I am disappointed.  You’d think someone who has enough time to write an article opposing payday loans would have enough time to defend his position.   But Morran won’t defend it because, I think, he knows he can’t.   He’s stuck in a game of chicken where he can’t move without eventually being run off the road.

So instead, he can only cluck in place.  Cluck cluck cluck.   It’s kind of a shame, because I love love love the Consumerist and it is so dead-on with so many of its articles.  Heck, it’s part of Consumer Reports.

So if Consumer Reports can get criticized when it rolls over vehicles to show allegedly unsafe they are, why doesn’t Morran and the Consumerist get criticized when it rolls over payday loans without having the facts?

Where’s the oversight for these publications?

You can read about payday loans from a non-partisan perspective at

Non-partisan means I don’t have an allegiance to any political ideology.  I examine the facts and give you my opinion.

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