The decision of the California Supreme Court to legalize same sex marriages is equivalent to the Surgeon General making an announcement that smoking cigarettes is beneficial to your health. The decision by the Golden State’s High Court is a blatant and outright offense against the traditional institution of the family. Same sex marriage is a phrase that is illogically incomprehensible because the primary condition for contracting the marital covenant is the development of mutual love between a man and a woman. If indeed the legalization of same sex marriage fulfills it proposed purpose, it is condoning legal and civil unions between members of the same sex, which is objectively immoral according to our Catholic teachings on family and procreation.

Unfortunately, there is always the desire for the judicial system to be contemporaneously reflective of “chic” norms and trends. However, the legalization of same sex marriages is another example of secular recognition of immoral and socially antagonistic behavior that contributes to the disassembling of our society’s traditional norms for marriage. Another critical aspect of marriage in the Judeo-Christian tradition is the openness towards the potential of having children. Well, obviously same-sex marriages make this option physically impossible. As a result, there will most likely follow a Pandora’s Box of same sex couples seeking adoptive children, surrogate implanting of human embryos and a further confusion of the gender role models of the traditional male and female married family.

This approval by the California Supreme Court further clouds matters that objectively should be beyond moral and ethical clarity. Marriage in the traditional legal, moral, social and ethical sense is a state that exclusively exists between a man and a woman, for development of love and procreation of children. It does not come as any shock that the California High Court would endorse legislation that is contrary to Catholic moral and ethical teachings on the sanctity of marriage and the importance of strengthening the traditional family unit.

From a pragmatic perspective, the judicial system should reflect the moral, ethical and social traditions of the culture and society on which our American legal system is founded. To the best of my knowledge, our American Republic is based upon traditional precepts of Judeo-Christian traditions that place male/female marriage as the only acceptable marital union. To judicially , establish same sex marriages as a civil alternative to the traditional institution of marriage promotes and condones homosexual behavior and relationships on a statewide basis. If indeed we are a country founded on principles of Judeo-Christian beliefs, then homosexuality itself is a immoral act that is condemned by all branches of our traditional faiths.

Homosexual unions in se do not appropriately reflect the reproductive and procreative qualities of the human male & female relationship. Procreation in such relationships is in itself physically impossible and is not reflective of natural law and cultural traditions. Unfortunately, the California Supreme Court has opted for a decision that is more reflective of the cultural and social inclinations of a small group of individuals rather than take into consideration the sensitivities and moral beliefs of generations of heterosexual couples that find the marital institution as sacred between a man and a woman. Perhaps rather than ruling on the legal acceptability of same sex marriages in the State of California, the justices should consider the conditions necessary to legally contract marriage according to our civil and religious traditions. If indeed they seriously considered this aspect of society’s cultural norms, the decision to allow same sex marriages would be an illogical and impossible proposition.

Every faithful Catholic needs to make their voices known of the inappropriate and immoral ruling by the California Supreme Court. Not only is the decision a derogatory judicial action against our traditional teachings of marriage and family, it also proposes continued degradation of moral and social values directly related issues that favor illicit use of in vitro fertilization and continued disregard for the institution of the nuclear family unit.

Same sex marriages are not morally acceptable options for homosexual couples that love each other. Marriage in our most ancient tradition is an institution designed for love and procreative purposes. Any legislative or juridical decision that indicates marital unions that are contrary to our established principles of Church and government are indeed misinformed and truly in grave moral error.

Hugh McNichol is a Catholic author and journalist that writes on Catholic topics and issues. Hugh studied both philosophy and theology at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. He writes daily at: & & Nothing Left Unsaid!” is his daily column @ Comments are always welcome @

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