Political Correctness Claims Another Victim:
Kindergarten Thanksgiving Celebration Had Been Held for 40 Years

“Racist” children celebrate Thanksgiving by “dehumanizing” American Indians

In yet another case of political correctness run amok, a forty-year history of kindergarteners dressed as pilgrims and native Americans celebrating Thanksgiving at school has been quashed in Claremont, California, due to four people who complained the celebration used “racist stereotypes” which were “dehumanizing”.

According to the Los Angeles Times, parents of kindergarteners are “furious” over the Claremont School Board’s decision to ban the kiddies wearing costumes after one mom, Michelle Raheja, an English professor at UC Riverside who specializes in Native American literature, and a member of the Seneca tribe, complained, along with three other professors and former instructors from Pitzer College, the University of the Redlands, and Riverside Community College.

Raheja complained that the children dressing as Indian was “demeaning” and likened it to having the children dress as “Nazis”.

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Source: California Political Correctness Kills Kindergartener’s Thanksgiving Celebration

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