A California Highway Patrolman pulling duty on Thanksgiving, minding everybody else’s business as usual and harmlessly cruising down the stretch from Göttingen to Bavaria got pulled over and like totally hassled by these two pushy German cop dudes. And then it got like soo groady and totally worse.

Officer T. J. Lazer (that was the name on his badge) was then booked by these two police brutalities for angeblich (allegedly) imitating a police officer, even though everyone there could plainly see that he was in uniform and driving a genuine CHP patrol vehicle, albeit 30 years old. The car, I mean, not the uniform.

Is nothing sacred anymore? I remember a time when California Highway Patrolmen were the guys doing all the pushing and the booking around here. Or there, I mean. Has the Golden State sunk so low that we now allow foreign police authorities to police us on their own streets and freeways (the key word here is free)?

I’m going to write the Governor about this. I’m going to tell him all about these brash and offensive, German-speaking officers. Although, come to think of it, I might leave that German-speaking part out.

Hasta la vista, baby.

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