I hear about this yesterday, and just had to check it out. The new act in Indiana that some are viewing as geared at the LGBT community is mere child’s play to what Huntington Beach attorney Hugh McLaughlin is proposing. Punishment if foundĀ  guilty of being gay could result in being shot or banished for life from California.

The proposition is only one page long, together with a one page covering letter. It does make for entertaining reading

Here it is in all its glory

Because it is so obviously lunatic in content, Mr McLaughlin has not found a great deal of enthusiasm from the Main Stream Media. Those that did pick the story up, went to great lengths to distance themselves from McLaughlin and his views. The LA Times went so far as to point out that even if the proposition was adopted, the death penalty by shooting would not be legal in the State.

I suspect that Mr. McLaughlin Esq is actually playing a bit of a game. It is a gamble, but one that he might win. This has nothing to do with shooting or banishing gays, rather it is all about the Proposition system in California. $200 and some signatures, anyone can put whatever they want on the ballot form.

So I do not view this as anything other than a publicity stunt to show how broken the political proposition system is. The Sodomite Suppression act might equally have been replaced by The Fair Rain Act, the Government would have to guarantee a yearly minimum rainfall. Failure to do so would be in the form of Rain Credits that could be used to offset state property and income taxes owed.

Possibly this could be tied to the Pot Hole Relief initiative. The number of Pot Holes in your area causes an adjustment on road tax, the more Pot Holes the less you pay. This would give an incentive for a city to fix the pot hole problem, and an incentive to real estate agents:

This is a great property and it is within one of the best pot hole catchment areas, so taxes are very cheap.

If Mr. McLaughlin is serious, I suspect that it will not be long before he is seeking a career outside of the legal world. I however still predict stunt.

Simon Barrett

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