How green can a city go? In this age of Kyoto, and many countries not signing on to the concept of stopping these greenhouse gases that are causing Global Warming, one has to wonder about their sincerity.

Calgary on the other hand is ‘on top’ of the situation. The ‘oil’ boom has seen a barrel of crude trading at almost $100. And Calgary is the ‘one horse’ oil and gas town, the economy is booming.

One of the major issues is traffic. With almost every month that passes, it gets worse. The solution is to improve and increase the access to Public Transportation. This sounds good at first look, the average bus can handle 50 or 60 people, and when you really cram them in you can get almost 100. Even using conservative estimates, 100 people on the bus means 50 less cars on the road. Less gasoline being used, fewer greenhouse gases hitting the ecosystem, less pressure on the road infrastructure, and less parking congestion in the Down Town area. This is an all around winning combination.

Of course the City wants to promote this eco-friendly idea. They just don’t have any common sense! In a move that is nothing short of idiocy, they have increased the transit fare to $2.50, they should be charging less not more! A 25 cent increase may not seem much, but it is enough to scare people away. This is not my idea of how to become ‘greener’.

No one has ever claimed that the transit people were smart. The LRT (above ground ‘in city’ rapid train system) works great, but the one place it does not go to is the airport. This is the worst possible choice. While it is never talked about, the common theory is that the Taxi and private bus lobby put a stop to that idea. Why we want to offer visitors a $2.50 ride downtown, when we can fleece them $50 in a cab?

Simon Barrett

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