Late Monday night a Calgary Transit worker found a device that looked like a pipe bomb adjacent to part of the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) rails. Police were alerted and after closer inspection of the line between the Heritage and Southland transit rail stations a total of 8 homemade devices were discovered. Two of which had already detonated.

Officials say that the devices were not powerful enough to derail a train, but certainly could have injured anyone that was close by. The police detonated the six remaining devices, and the remnants have been sent off for analysis.

The big question in everyones mind though, was this just a prank, or is this a precursor to something more serious? The police are being somewhat tight lipped as to the exact composition of the device, but did admit that the ingredients were readily available. When you look at the damage caused in Oklahoma city by a bomb essentially made from fertilizer, one has to wonder where this might lead to.

Calgary has grown in the past few years to having a population of just over one million, and with the growth have come the aspects of being a big city that are less than desirable. Crime is up, gang participation is up, and drug use has exploded.

Last nights adventure could well have been just a prank, but in less than three weeks the Calgary Stampede begins, we will have tens of thousands of tourists, and on any given day over 100,000 people in the Stampede grounds. This must be weighing heavily on the Calgary police today.

Simon Barrett 

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