In 2013 Calgary. Alberta suffered their most serious flood in years when the Bow river bust its banks. Particularly had hit was the community of Sunnyside. Although the city has a population of over a million residents it always has a small town feel. Strangers say hello, strangers help other strangers. I recall the first time my wife and I took a walk through downtown, she  was stunned by the number of people that stopped us and wanted to chat.

It was that sense of community that helped the city recover from the 2013 flood. The residents of Sunnyside came together and helped each other in anyway they could. It was decided that there should be some lasting tribute should be created to mark the event.

Public Art is normally sponsored by the city or province, in this case though the funding came entirely from the Sunnyside residents. As with regular Public Art commissions, local artists are asked to submit ideas and a committee selects a winner.

In this case the winner was none other than my daughter Laura Barrett, a Sunnyside resident. Congratulations Laura. The unveiling was yesterday and as you can see she had a lot of supporters.


A park bench may not seem as glamorous as some Public Art projects, but just think of how many people in years to come will sit on this park bench and enjoy Crisis Cafe.




Simon Barrett

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