The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim organization and advisor to the Bush Administration and Washington bureaucats on Muslim/non-Muslim relations, has shown its true colors again.

Not that it’s the first time. Anti-CAIR has been exposing CAIR’s radical agenda for years. But now even the Administration has to see that CAIR’s recent communiqué proves their radical agenda. From FrontPageMagazine – CAIR’s Pro-Hamas Press

On November 30th, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) did something that would have made the group’s Syrian-harbored “grandfather” proud. It posted to its website and sent out to its e-mail list an overtly pro-Hamas and anti-Semitic article, written by a vehemently anti-Israel author. In the dozen-plus years of its existence, for CAIR little has changed. The man most responsible for CAIR ‘s founding is none other than the number two leader of Hamas today, Mousa Abu Marzook. He has been located in Damascus, Syria, since shortly after the United States deported him to Jordan back in 1997. Each and every week, one can read quotes attributed to him — speaking in the name of Hamas — in the news media. As recently as November 14th, the Associated Press quoted him as saying that international demands for Hamas to recognize Israel were “Illegal and illegitimate.”

CAIR’s Hamas connection goes deep.

Before his deportation, Marzook made his mark on American society by creating, within it, a vast Hamas infrastructure. It included a Hamas command center called the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), a Hamas financing arm called the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), and a Hamas propaganda wing called the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP). It is through this last group that CAIR was born. CAIR was founded by three leaders of the IAP, in June of 1994. Two months prior to this, one of the founders publicly stated his support for Hamas. He is the Executive Director of CAIR today, Nihad Awad. He stated, “After I researched the situation inside and outside Palestine , I am in support of the Hamas movement more than the PLO… I know that this movement as an Islamic movement has not been objectively reported in the United States…”

We have here the enemy of democracy blatantly stating that they support the Islamist world-wide agenda.

And now, less than one week ago, CAIR has elected to post to its website and ship to its e-mail list a pro-Hamas article with anti-Jewish overtones. The piece, ‘The kangaroo court taking place in Chicago ,’ was written by Ray Hanania, a man known for his anti-Israel attitudes, previously referring to Ariel Sharon as being “Nazi-like” and saying that Israel is ” provoking the violence” against itself.

In the article — a commentary lamenting America ‘s treatment of Hamas operative Mohammed Salah — Hanania finds no fault with Salah’s affection for Hamas, an organization that uses suicide bombings as a means to murder innocent civilians. He states, “Salah is not guilty of terrorism. Whether he supported Hamas or not is a non-issue. Many Palestinians support Hamas in part because Hamas is a creation of Israel’s refusal to make genuine peace.”

Tell the big lie over an over and over again and people will come to believe it. Israel has done nothing but try and make peace with the Palestinians. But as stated above, and in the words of Marzook, “International demands for Hamas to recognize Israel were “Illegal and illegitimate.”
The Islamists are adept at talking out of both sides of their mouth and non-Muslims just nod in agreement. When will we wake up?

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