Has the Unindicted Co-Conspirator in Terrorist Financing Tried It Again?

by Morgaan Sinclair

The veiled threat, of course—to government agencies and corporations alike—is that if they do not cave one of two things will happen: (1) that they will face a malicious-litigation lawsuit that will cost them a Byzantine fortune or (2) that they will be punished with a real, palpable act of violence. And over and over again the American government, U.S. corporations—and, most sadly, the peaceful majority of American Muslims—have caved to the threat.

The latest in this series of assaults is the banning of MEMRI, Hot Air, and Jihad Watch websites from the internet systems of the U.S. Government, the City of Chicago, Fidelity Investments, Site Coach, and Bank of America—and surely there are more—over the last few weeks. The reason given: complaints of “hate speech.”

Now where I come from “hate speech” is calling a woman the “C” word or a “ho” (happens all the time in rap)—calling a Jew a pig or monkey (epithets found in the Qur’an and hate-mongering spewed endlessly in the Finnsbury mosque) or a kike—calling Hispanics spics—calling Italians wops—and calling blacks niggers.

But I would suggest that what is happening on the websites of MEMRI, Hot Air and Jihad Watch is not hate speech, it’s free speech. Now I will not speak to the comment areas of any of these sites. Hot Air has a monitored comment area; and JihadWatch’s comment area is not. And from personal experience, I can tell you that on many, many websites, Right and Left, political and completely apolitical, it can get rough. If you have a problem, go talk to Arlen Specter, and he’ll tell you how to handle it.

However, none of these three websites spews hatred, just information and (seriously savvy) opinion:

MEMRI—the acronym for The Middle East Media Research Institute—is a major resource for journalists worldwide. MEMRI sifts through Middle East regional media, translates from Arabic, Persian, and Turkish, and provides real-time understanding of what is being said out of English-language earshot. It provides analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East. MEMRI has offices in Washington, London, Tokyo, Berlin and Jerusalem and MEMRI’s catches are translated into English, German, Hebrew, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese. To my knowledge, MEMRI has never been caught in even a single mistranslation or misrepresentation of the ideological stream coming out of the Middle East. If you can find one, tell me.

HOT AIR—This is the video blogspot of anti-immigration politico Michelle Malkin, who is also as anti-jihadist as they come. She routinely features videos by Robert Spencer, who recently started an online, limited to pre-vetted commenters, called Blogging the Qur’an, where Spencer is going through the Qur’an verse by verse, in the process, exposing some of the verses that are inimical to Jews and Christians, can be interpreted to approve violence against non-Muslims, or can be quoted in defense of this disenfranchisement of women’s rights.

JIHAD WATCH publishes articles about radical Islamism, terrorism, and the assault by radical Islam of the rights of non-Muslims around the world. With nearly 10 million hits in just a few years, it is probably the world’s fastest, most complete news service on terrorism, jihad, and the worldwide spread of extreme shari’a law. The site pulls no punches and makes no apologies. Robert Spencer, author of The Truth about Muhammad, and several other books on Islam, openly states his belief that we are in a fight for civilization itself, that Islam is a religion fatally contaminated by verses of the Qur’an, elements of shari’a and sunnah, and hadith that make the religion inimical to open, democratic, free societies—and Spencer liberally quotes all these sources as a warning. The comment area of this site is problematic, though the management of the site scrupulously removes any real hate speech it finds (and there is some). But that often doesn’t save them from having such comments attributed to them—despite clear, published acknowledgement that the site is unmonitored—and it is hard to believe that in CAIR’s case the “misquoting” is not accidental. To be remembered about this site as well is the fact that many, many people, culling the internet, send the articles in to the Jihad Watch management, which gives them — and us — a remarkable, instaneous access to what is going on around the planet.

So, why are these sites banned from the internet systems of governmental and corporate entities? You want to take a wild guess?

First of all, all three of these sites do not whitewash the screed coming out of the Middle East. There is a virtual blackout in American print and television media of any of this news, despite the fact that MEMRI provides translations.

Second, all three have been showing videos from London mosques and Pakistani madrassas that clearly show the kind of anti-Western, anti-Semitic, anti-woman, and anti-Christian tirades being preached there. And, most shockingly, all three have shown, discussed and linked videos of Palestinian children being entrained to jihad in Palestinian schools. Just a few of those links are below. Have a look at them. Then tell me if you think we don’t have a right to see this—especially in view of the attacks this last week in London and Glasgow.

Third, Robert Spencer has the annoying habit of quote exactly the same verses of the Qur’an that Osama bin Lade— and every other jihadist in the worl—quotes when exhorting Muslims to kill in the name of Allah. The bottom line here is that it’s OK for Osama-Baby to quote the Qur’an ‘til the cows come home, but if a non-Muslim points out these verses as being a clear and present danger to women, non-Muslims and Western civilization in general, this kuffar (unbeliever) should be wiped off the face of this Earth. [ … Oh, where did I hear this recently? Oh, yes, Ahmadinejad—AKA The Monkey—saying Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth. I know I’d hear that phrase somewhere before.]

And if you want to know the degree to which you are not allowed to speak about Islam and the problems in the Qur’an and the hadith, just note that the last time that traitor Azzam the American gave us a preening adolescent lecture on what we are and aren’t allowed to think, say and do, he had a copy of Robert Spencer’s book in his hand.

Now … why do I think it’s CAIR that got these sites banned? Because it’s what they do. Andy Whitehead—of http://www.anti-cair-net.org/, a website dedicated to exposing CAIR’s jihadist and terrorist connections—was sued by CAIR for the contents of his website, which bears not one untruth. They lost. And Andy Whitehead won when the court dismissed CAIR’s case with prejudice.

But hey, it works so often, don’t think they’re going to stop. A case in point is the lawsuit brought by CAIR against anybody and everybody at USAir, including passengers, who stopped a USAir Flight 300, bearing six imams, from taking off from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport bound for Phoenix. Why? Well, multiple reasons: Late reservations (I have been frisked myself for this). No return flights (terrorism tip-off). Some had no luggage (another terrorism tip-off). And then it gets heavy. They’re doing “evening” prayers in the boarding area before the appropriate time according to Islamic law. OK, no problem so far. Then they board the plane, and after they are supposed to be seated and belted, they get up and try to do the evening prayers again, in the aisles of the plane. Then they switch seats when they get onboard (as did the 9/11 terrorists). Then some ask for seatbelt extenders (another terrorism tip-off) despite the fact they aren’t fat enough to need them. And then … and then … 

An Arabic-speaking passenger alerts USAir that some of these guys are talking about 9/11 and praising terrorist attacks, and he, the Arabic speaker, is afraid. So is everybody else from gate security to the USAir flight crew and several other passengers.

So the flight is cancelled, and the imams—several of whom had met with Keith Ellison and CAIR a couple of days before—are questioned for several hours and released, despite the fact that Omar Shahin, one of the imams removed from the plane, has links to Osama bin Laden and HAMAS.

The bottom line is that these guys tripped every known terrorism alert they could think of, and then screamed Discrimination! when they got booted off the flight. Then CAIR, completely predictably, and despite having just lost a huge lawsuit to Andy Whitehead, sues the airline and the passengers.

If you aren’t scared by now, you are out of your experience. Because these guys aren’t just trying to do a classic blood-letting on a major US corporation, they’re trying to make it a crime punishable by the loss of everything you have and can ever earn that you do exactly what the TSA is trying to get you to do: and that’s report suspicious behavior.

This is the kind of bullying CAIR has been doing since before 9/11.

And don’t look now, but CAIR has just been named an unindicted co-conspirator, along with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), for the funding of HAMAS, a terrorist organization. So how much of a surprise is that?

No surprise at all. Because the followed felons, convicted of various forms of terrorism and terrorist-funding, have been sitting members of the CAIR higher-ups at the time of their crimes:

§        Ghassan Elashi, along with two brothers, was convicted in Dallas in 2005 of channeling funds to a high-ranking official of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, Mousa Abu Marzook.

§        Randall Todd “Ismail” Royer, a communications specialist and “civil rights coordinator”, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges he trained for jihad in Virginia (one of the Paintball Jihad group) and sent several members to Pakistan to join Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Kashmiri terrorist group with reported ties to al-Qaida. This was a plea bargain with Leoni Brinkema; he could have gotten life.

§        Khafagi was arrested in January 2003 while serving with CAIR and convicted on fraud and terrorism charges.

§        Abdurahman Alamoudi, who has since proved to be one of al-Qaida’s top fund-raisers in America, was sentenced to 23 years for support of terrorism.

§        Rabih Haddad, expelled on immigration charges, was a major funder of terrorism. The  Monograph of Terrorist Financing released by the September 11 Commission evaluated the U.S. government’s actions against the Illinois-based Global Relief Foundation (for which Rabih Haddad was a fundraiser) as well as the actions against Haddad. He was lucky he got deported.

But, you say, CAIR is the premier representative of Muslims in America. Therefore, does its orientation not prove that most American Muslims support jihad? Actually, not. The scary information on that one actually comes from the last Pew report, and it looks as if the younger Muslim population of the United States is falling into the same kinds of perils to which many Muslim youth around the world—entranced by the prospect of ruling the world and subjugating every living, breathing woman on the planet—are falling prey.

But, in fact—and as I’ve argued for the last six years—the vast majority of the Muslims in America do not consider the War Verses of the Qur’an valid in any but an historical context, do not wish the overthrow of constitution of the United States, are not seeking to establish shari’a law in the United States, and do not support terrorism in any form. However, their silence has been deafening, and CAIR is a principal reason why.

If you don’t think so, ask Zudhi Jasser, the Phoenix Muslim-American ex-Navy physician and ophthalmologist, who has been stalked, punished, vilified, defamed, scathed, and execrated by CAIR simply for saying that Americans need to stand up more vocally against terrorism—and for pointing out that most Sunni mosques in the United States have been financed by the Saudis, with the result that Wahhabi extremism is routinely preached there.

And what this also means is that ordinary Muslims in the United States know who they are dealing with, and the know the cost of bucking the system. The evening of 9/11 my 90-year-old Egyptian friend collapsed into my arms, saying, “This is what we fled Egypt to get away from, and now it is here. Allah help you—and us!” Within some months of 9/11, many Muslims women had seen the big-bearded, white-clad Wahhabi imams come to their mosques and tell them to go home and be good Muslim wives, that the Americans were plotting the downfall of Islam—and many believed them.

But as the years have worn on, it’s become clearer and clearer that the standard borne by CAIR—the endless threats of lawsuits and the utterly false whining claims of discrimination and hate—wasn’t being supported by Americans Muslim majority. CAIR’s membership and dues proceeds have fallen a staggering 90% since 9/11 as Muslims distance themselves from the clearly extortionary tactics they’ve learned from the shakedown artists like Jesse Jackson and the ACLU.

Aha! I heard that! No, you’re wrong. I have been a supporter of black civil rights since I was teenager in the South and despise all forms of racism. And I also despise the efforts of some black leaders to keep black Americans in a constant state of victimhood, which is the surest form of slavery I know. I also support some of the things the ACLU has done—but its habit of trying to bankrupt the nation’s small fry for ridiculous “transgressions” against the ACLU’s self-created system of extrajudicial commie-shari’a is not a welcome development in this country. It’s my opinion (since I’m writing opinion today) that every single Christian individual and group that has been subject to a frivolous or bully-litigation in the last five years should file a class action lawsuit against the ACLU for harassment and malicious litigation and ask for damages. But before that one gets to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, either Nadine Stosser needs to resign as President of the ACLU or Michael Stosser needs to be removed as a judge on the 9th Circuit Court, because this little walking husband-wife conflict of interest needs to be stopped.

So now we have CAIR, which has lost 90% of its membership, being proclaimed unindicted co-conspirator in HAMAS funding—and why not since CAIR was originally known as “HAMAS in the United States”. But they’re still rolling in money. How?

Well, the $50 million CAIR got from Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud didn’t hurt. Neither did the cool million that came from the government of Qatar. Moderate Muslims screamed while following CAIR’s traipse down to the bank. Tashbih Sayyed, the amazing director  of the Council for Democracy and Tolerance who died last month, called CAIR “the most accomplished fifth column” in the United States. And Stephen Schwartz of the Center on Islamic Pluralism has been on CAIR’s back since day one, citing it as a Wahhabi front organization with strong links to terrorism. Says Schwartz: “CAIR should be considered a foreign-based subversive organization, comparable in the Islamist field to the Soviet-controlled Communist Party, USA.” The list of CAIR’s lawsuits includes one against a North Carolina U.S. congressman (for $2 million)—a suit CAIR also lost. But with the kind of Saudi financing they have, they can keep losing for a long, long time.

So … rank-and-file Muslims left in droves, while vested interests continued to ply CAIR with the money, despite the egregious assaults by CAIR on free speech and free opinion in the United States.

And aiding and abetting this assault, this continuous pressure for special treatment and concessions—everything from special footbaths in airports for Muslims cab drivers to special aisles where Muslim check-out clerks won’t have to handle pork (which is also untouchable for Jews and Hindus, who ask for no such special treatment). It is a never-ending crusade to control how we speak and act, entraining us to believe that Muslims should be treated, not equally, but specially.

And they do it by the veiled threat (no pun intended) that has existed since 9/11: You do what I tell you to do, or you know what’s coming: violence or some other way I’ll make you pay, pay, pay.

That is the veiled threat that has existed since 9/11, and it is the ONLY reason why Americans would even think of putting up with the kinds of pure arrogance they’ve been asked to tolerate. The lawsuits and threats of lawsuit are no joke. CAIR sued Andy Whitehead for $1.4 million. How many retired Marine chief petty officers do you think have $1.4 million lying around?

And that brings us back to Jihad Watch, MEMRI and Hot Air and why I think CAIR is behind these bannings—or that the modus operandi is copied from them—an intimidation campaign which has been going on for years  From Andy Whitehead’s website, circa 2004:

Subscribers are warned that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) may contact your employer if CAIR believes you are using a work address to receive any material that CAIR believes may be offensive.  CAIR has been known to shame employers into firing employees CAIR finds disagreeable.  For that reason, we strongly suggest that corporate e-mail users NOT use a corporate e-mail account/address when communicating with ACAIR or CAIR.  We make every reasonable effort to protect our mailing list, but we cannot guarantee confidentiality. ACAIR does not share, loan, sell, rent or otherwise publicize our mailing list.  We respect your privacy!”

So, the attempts to get ordinary American citizens fired for listening to criticism of CAIR has been going on for years. So has their attempt to intimidate the U.S. government and major American corporations.

USAir wouldn’t cave, and Zudhi Jasser has started a movement to raise funds for the passengers who are being sued by CAIR for reporting fears of the six Flying Imams to USAir and TSA staff. CAIR even tried to get public access to the Flying Imams case blocked. What does that mean? They wanted to muzzle the press and block them from being able to access the pertinent facts of the case and report them to the American public. They failed in this attempt, but notice the classic CAIR manipulation:

Omar T. Mohammedi, the imams’ lawyer, told The Associated Press he sought to  limit media access because “he felt some of the coverage of the case has been biased against his clients.” What? Two words, Omar: FREE SPEECH. You know, that thing you are trying to keep all Americans from having? Yeah, that’s the one, Omar. Free speech. The whole case is about CAIR and the Flying Imams trying to control American’s speech—and in doing so, their thinking. If you don’t think there’s a connection, check with any anthropologist about the Sappir-Whorf theory, and how powerfully linguistics and free speech impact culture. … And then Omar Mohammedi goes on to whine about how tough it is to be the plaintiff in a case where you’re trying to intimidate people you’ve already deliberately tried to frighten to death: “When you think of the media, and the way they have been portraying this case, it has not been very helpful. It has been biased,” Mohammedi said. “That has caused a lot of stress, a lot of stress on our clients [emphasis added], as well as made it difficult for us to handle this case … in a manner that it should be handled.” That’s priceless. These guys trip alerts all of the flying public commonly know will make them look like a threat, and then they threaten to sue other passengers for even bringing it to the attention of the TSA. And somehow they are the victims? Always playing the victim. Always. Always. No, they are the aggressors, and clearly con sciously so.

CAIR is going to lose this case. And I hope that every passenger who is sued by CAIR countersues, starting at $15 million. That’ll soak up Alwaleed’s $50 mil pretty fast. And that’s what need to happen. They need to get a taste of their own medicine. And it will only help the Muslims in America, who have already rejected CAIR, if that happens.

In fact, in all of this it needs to be remembered that the first victims of radical Islamism are always Muslims, and the worst-targeted ones of all are the women. The sporadic attacks on the West provide “discipline” of the West. They make us fearful and, unfortunately, most cave.

Most corporations cave, and take down with their cowardice the future of free speech in America. The government caves all the time, consistently refusing to call a spade a spade. And American Muslims, while not going along—and clearly most do not, the overwhelming majority do not—do not stand up in their communities, leaving it to non-Muslims to do what they do not have the courage to do themselves.

The bottom line is: if the terming of Hot Air, MEMRI and Jihad Watch as “hate speech” is coming from CAIR, it needs to be busted bigtime, and American government agencies and corporations need to stop banning “inconvenient truth” websites and start banning jihadi websites that spew real hate speech toward Jews, Christians, democracy, women’s rights, human rights, and basic freedom—not to mention Americans who are routinely referred to as The Great Satan.

Do I agree with everything said on MEMRI? Yes, I’ve found not a thing to be untrustworthy.

Do I agree with everything said at Hot Air? No, I don’t like Michelle Malkin’s stance on immigration one bit. But there is nothing whatsoever wrong with her having the opinions that she has or for having an anti-jihadist attitude.

Do I agree with everything said on Jihad Watch? No. I support independence for Kosovo, which doesn’t make me popular with the posters there (understatement, that). But there is absolutely nothing wrong with Spencer, Fitzgerald or any other pointing out that the Qur’anic verses and sayings from the ahaditha on the basis of which Al Qaeda et al. declare and wage jihad against us.

This criminally conservative Islamic orientation runs counter to the kind of Islam in which most Muslims have believed—and which form of Islam, truly a religion of peace, is being lost by the sword to the radicals who are intimidating, beheading, burning, and bombing their way to the top of the ummah, which the ummah fall back at every turn. Their peaceful form of Islam needs to be codified, and the purely historical verses relegated to their place in the Seventh Century—for the good of Muslims, the Islamists’ first and most besieged victims, and for the rest of us who should not even have to be fighting this fight.

American Muslims have been wise enough to disconnect from CAIR and to stop supporting it. We should hope American corporations and the government to stop pandering and kowtowing and groveling in the face of overt threats of expensive lawsuits and veiled threats of violence. Stop falling back. Draw a line.

And grow a spine.

Morgaan Sinclair is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in The Weekly Standard and the New York Post.

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