The Ohio man who had adopted 11 foster children has said that he made enough money adopting children, that he could quit his job, according to his neighbor. The couple are Michael and Sharen Gravelle, and are currently at trial being prosecuted for their crimes.

Apparently, he thought he could make a living holding children hostage in cages, beating them, and torturing them.

These adoptive parents have been on trial in abusing the children that they had adopted. In addition to caging the children they adopted, ABC News stated that they have done additional abuses such as:

(Tom) Hall, testifying at the trial of Michael and Sharen Gravelle, also told the jury that he saw the father hose down one of the children outside in 20-degree weather. Hall said he believes it was because the child had a bathroom accident, but he could not recall which of the 11 children it was or when it occurred….

….Laura Oney, another neighbor, testified that she reported the couple to the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services, which oversees adoption, in 2001 after Michael Gravelle told her one of the children was sleeping in a bathtub with only a blanket and a pillow. She said she reported the Gravelles again in 2002 after seeing Sharen Gravelle hit a child across the back of the legs with a sawed-off broomstick.

Abuse in adoptive families is not uncommon. There have been many cases of abuse, as stated in Forever Family, Forever Dead, telling about the Russian children who were killed by their adoptive families. Another site that has a tribute to the lives of the adopted children who were killed by their adoptive families is located here at the Log of Fatal and Severe Abuses to Adoptees

It’s no wonder other countries are increasing their restrictions on American adopters. Hopefully, other organizations will no longer allow people like the Gravelles to adopt children.

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