Where’s Spiderman when you need him? Cable Guy, that mysterious anti-hero saboteur super-criminal, has struck at the Deutsche Bahn yet again. Obsessed with the copper grounding cable he steals and then sells for big bucks, I mean euros, to his evil partner in crime, Junkyard Dude, Cable Guy has been responsible for over 400 hours of train delays in Germany during the past few months alone.

Clearly possessing super-human powers, a short in one of these 15,000 volt grounders would kill a mere mortal like me or you, Cable Guy seems to take a perverse pleasure in knowing that dozens of trains will be stopped or redirected once these security devices have been removed. It also seems to make little difference to him that the German train system’s famous reputation for punctuality, already having taken a few hits in recent years, will only suffer now all the more. The evil creep.

A world-wide demand for metal (think China) seems to have helped create the hostile environment in which somebody/something like Cable Guy could have come into being. And many anti-hero experts fear that attacks like these will only intensify in the future.

Berlin residents are remaining calm, however, absent Spiderman or not. Many seem to have grown tired of train travel and prefer riding their copper-free bikes whenever possible instead.

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