Screen Captures is a feature written by…me. The fancy description says it studies the various headline “teaser” graphics found on cable news outlets, reports on them and analyzes them for bias or note-worthy content.


But really, I just want to look at what they’re putting on the screen and see what’s good and what’s garbage.


* Tuesday, January 23, 2007– Naturally, most of the coverage was centered around the State of the Union Speech


“Will the President’s Speech Be Overshadowed By Iraq?”—Fox News. People who believe Fox is biased have to admit that this is a fair question. They didn’t dodge what most folks are thinking right now. And the answer, of course, is yes.


“New Bush Polls: State of Disapproval”—CNN. It’s true that the polls look terrible for the President, but this is a pretty negative graphic. I guess someone thought it was witty to use “State of” as a tie-in to the speech.


“State of the Union”—MSNBC. Way to go, guys. Very original. I’m shocked you don’t get better ratings. Really.


“Way Too Soon To Dismiss President Bush For Next Two Years?”—Fox News. Here, Fox has decided to report…and decide. “Way too soon” doesn’t sound like an objective question. It sounds like a whiny teenager asking for a curfew extension.


“Race For ’08? Another President Clinton?”—CNN. Of course, this graphic coincided with an interview with Senator Clinton. Maybe CNN was trying on the title to see how it fits. For some, “President Clinton” has great connotations; others, not so much.


“How Will Democrats Behave at the State of the Union Tonight?”—Fox News. This one was a little snotty. Asking how they will “behave” implies that they’re school-children, or don’t know how to behave.


We’ll look at more in the future, and hopefully MSNBC will wake up and create something worth mentioning.


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