Cable Crawl is a feature written by…me. The fancy description says it studies the various headline “teaser” graphics found on cable news outlets, reports on them and analyzes them for bias or note-worthy content.


But really, I just want to look at what they’re putting on the screen and see what’s good and what’s garbage.


* Monday, January 29, 2007—Just a few random headlines this time around:


“The President’s War at Home”– MSNBC. This could be taken a couple of ways, which is why I’m sure some graphics intern is patting themselves on the back right about now. It’s either describing how the Iraq war is being perceived here in the United States, or it describes the battle Bush faces from Congress, as members of both parties line up to challenge his decisions. Since it’s MSNBC, can you guess which one it is?

“Why is the Senate Taking So Long To Raise Min Wage?”—CNN. Apparently, CNN has skipped over the part where the Senate decides whether or not to pass minimum wage legislation. Passing the first increase in more than a decade isn’t good enough. They want to know what’s taking so long. Way to turn a positive into a negative.

“Dot Commies”– CNN. I have to add this one, because it’s actually witty. Internet companies are coming under fire for treading lightly in Communist territory, and “Dot Commies” is funny.


“‘Proof’ Dems Want To Raise Your Taxes?”—Fox News.  No reason to hide behind quotation marks or question marks: The inference here is clear. The Democrats want to raise your taxes, and some folks believe they have proof. This isn’t Fox’s finest moment and looks pretty biased.


“Target: Iran”—CNN. Using this headline is pretty presumptive, and implies that our next stop in the war tour is Tehran. They didn’t even have the decency to throw in a lame question mark at the end. Bad call.

More to come.

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