Cable Crawl is a feature written by…me. The fancy description says it studies the various headline “teaser” graphics found on cable news outlets, reports on them and analyzes them for bias or note-worthy content.


But really, I just want to look at what they’re putting on the screen and see what’s good and what’s garbage.


* Wednesday, January 24, 2007—A lot of reaction from the President’s speech, and some other issues:


“How Did Bush Do?”– CNN & MSNBC. Unoriginal, but a fair graphic for Bush. This isn’t leading or skeptical. Just an honest question. 

“Illegal Immigration: The Common Ground”—Fox News. Taking a page from the President’s “without animosity and without amnesty” line, they’re looking for positives in a divisive issue. Not bad.

“CIA Leak Setup?”– CNN. This one came with an interview of Vice President Cheney, who said he couldn’t discuss the Libby case. But it looks like CNN has made up its mind already. The question mark doesn’t absolve a network’s subjectivity.


“GOP Senator Strikes Down Surge”—MSNBC.  Nice alliteration, and nice continued use of “surge” when that’s so three terms ago. Come on, guys.


“Iraq: The Endgame”—CNN. Does CNN know something we don’t? Are we coming to the end of the Iraq war? Or is this like Cheney’s “final throes” comment regarding insurgents a while back? I think they could have shelved this graphic for, you know, the actual end.

“Gas Pains”—CNN.  A discussion about conserving gasoline, per the President’s speech. Stay classy, Atlanta.


More to come.

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