In May I read this article on where Simon Barrett lamented his misadventures in trying to get a viable television solution for his home. I especially liked the photo of the satellite dish umbrella. You do what you got to do. Another thing that jumped out at me was spending over $100 a month on cable fees. That seems outrageous. I have found that with some careful shopping around, there are some good options out there for cable. The even better news is that you will never have to get your cable box an umbrella for inclement weather.

Being me, I am all about the smart bargain. To me, a smart bargain is not about getting the most amount of X for the least amount of $. It is about getting the right X to fit your unique needs for a price that works for you. I agree with Simon in that having 100’s of channels yet having nothing worth watching is a waste of money. I tend to only watch two channels (local news in the morning and HBO a couple nights a week) of television. My evening news is from a daily Internet show from Canada. For me, having 100’s of channels would be a total waste of money. That’s why I shopped TV and Internet packages and came up with something that worked for me. Since I am an Internet heavy-weight and a TV light-weight, I went with a package that gave me a decent amount of TV channels and the fastest possible Internet.

That is what works best for me. You need to figure out what you need and then find the bargain that fits your situation. Remember, the lowest priced package or bundle may not be the right one for you. Start with your situation and needs, then work from there. Especially with cable and Internet, there are so many choices out there. With some smart shopping, you really can get cable and Internet without getting your wires crossed.

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