There’s nothing like a long distance road trip with a 5th grader, a 3rd grader and a 1st grader.  It’s better when you’re the grandfather and the mother is riding shotgun. Listening to the memoirs of Mrs. Rogers as well as the old tales of Fudgy the two year old and Ribsey the dog pass hours peacefully to and fro a rafting and tubing vacation.  As a grandfather, I did not find it necessary to deploy the hand to the back seat occupants as I did as a father, different strokes for different folks.


But the real deal was the red 2003 Chevrolet Suburban which provided the steed to get there and back.  The big V8 and the overdrive automatic pulled 65 to 80 at 2000 to 2500 rev’s without effort.  The oversize 18″ replacement tires straightened the road, moderated the lane wandering tendency and, together with the gear in the rear, stopped the noticeable rear wheel chatter.  Vision to the rear on the big side mirrors is excellent.  Nothing like big leather clubs to support the bod and the window/door electronics worked to perfection.  The interior appontments have worn well and, believe it or not, a little of the new car feel is still there.  The exterior is classic and the newer designs of the breed are not an improvement.  All in all, this vehicle is a king of the road.


Alas, the king will soon be dead, long live the king.  Big gulps at short intervals will kill Clifford, as this car is called by its owners, and its kin.  Cliff averaged about 12 mpg’s in its ministrations at about $ 3.25 a gallon as he moved along.  A trip is one thing, but a daily driver at this number and its sheer bulk is probably impossible given the sheer magnitude of today’s necessities.  Make a memory of this best of all personal transportation before it gets away like the best of other generations as change occurs.         

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