The 49ers may be leaving San Francisco. Team leaders decided yesterday to stop negotiating a new stadium with city officials. One topic of discussion was building a new, privately financed stadium at Candlestick Point, which was going to be part of the city’s bid for the 2016 summer Olympics. City officials said they wouldn’t contribute toward the stadium but might help with some of the infrastructure costs. The 49ers’ stadium is the most run down in their league. Their lease ends in 2008 with options through 2023.

Some say it’s hard to justify a new stadium unless the 49ers have a winning season. Cities in the running to get the team are Santa Clara, LA and Anaheim, though some say the team is leaning toward Santa Clara, which is where their headquarters are and where they practice. Reports say that residents of Santa Clara want the team, whereas the those in San Francisco don’t. Wherever the team goes, owner John York says it will be in the state of California and the name will stick. So with the same name, a new stadium and a supportive fan base, it seems it’s a win-win for the 49ers.

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