Well Google unveiled the their latest product today Google Buzz. Touted by some people as the way of the future, I still ask the question, exactly what does it do?

In early December I received an invite to join Google Wave. I joined, but I had no clue what it was supposed to do. I read the press releases and commentary, I was still in the dark. Even the kind person that invited me into this ‘beta’ was not sure what it was.

I was up at 3am this morning in the hopes of actually watching race one of the Americas Cup, of course that did not happen, the race was canceled yet again. On Monday it was because there was no wind, today there was too much. Oh, and the sea was choppy! But I digress…

While I was watching to the whining and gripping from Spain I noticed that Gmail had acquired a new feature. On my sidebar was this thing named Buzz. Google had also gone so far as to ‘spike’ my Buzz with several folks on my email list.

They also offered a long list of other folks that I could add with a simple click. Great, this is all great, but what does it do? When you look at Gmail, Wave, Buzz, Google Docs, don’t they all have a huge amount of overlap?

I could be wrong, but Buzz looks like Twitter on steroids. Will I be using it? The likely answer is no. I cannot see any reason. I guess Buzz goes into that arena known as Social Networking, a sports field that I do not understand or use. The good news though is that it is free.

I am sure that it will be adopted by millions of people. In fact when I first clicked on the Buzz link there were seven people following me and another 26 that I guess want me to do something, but lord knows what!

Simon Barrett

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