I don’t know to whom was Obama’s message sent to? To the Muslims globally,  or to Al Qaeeda, or to Arabs or Pakistanis or Talibans?

Obama being the head of super power must get his fact corrected that, even today many students from Middle East and other Muslims countries flock to US for further studies. They trust the General Americans and Education system.

Islam happens to grow faster in the US as compared to any other country in the world, especially after 11Sept. There is no cry for banning conversion to Islam from any political party or group. This shows that Americans don’t mind their children embracing Islam even today.

The Americans have elected a man as their President who has Islamic roots, proving that the Americans are not against Islam and Muslims in general but….

What about the US policy in Palestine conflict? Will Obama change that? What about Bible thumping hard line missionaries like Peterson, and William Campbell who spit venom against Prophet Muhammed (peace by upon him)?

If all there are attacks against US interests in some Muslim countries it is because of American policies against those Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan

About author: Nisaar Yusuf is a speaker on Interfaith dialogues. He also invites people to similarities between different faith. He can be reached at  nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com

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